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“Inspiring, Funny, and Awesome”  

– Vaughn Eagle Bear, Professional Comedian



Read where those who have seen me do stand up or speaking share their awesome words. 

"While not out of the closet yet, Kasey is not afraid to be a female comedian trapped in a man's body.' just kidding.  I first met Kasey at a fundraiser event in Billings Montana, and from his first set there I knew he was a force to be reckoned with on the comedy scene. Smart, clever material with strong stage presence - he is part of the new generation of Native comedians who will break out into mainstream America. The sky's the limit for this one!'

– JIM RUEL, Professional Comedian

"I've seen quite a few comedians, Native, non-Native, whatever.  Few, if any, had me belly laughing like Kasey N."

– Migizi Pensoneau, 1491’s Crew Member

"Audiences of all ages love  Kasey's comedy every time I work with him.  And as a role model

and motivational speaker, I can't recommend highly Kasey enough "

– Marc Yaffee, Professional Comedian

"Kasey has that gift to reach any crowd. We travel together so I get to see behind the scenes

and I can tell you honestly that his heart is for the people"

– Chris “Supaman” Parrish, Hip-Hop Artist

"Kasey Killer Komedy Knicholson, puts the K in kickbutt! Montana may be cold in the winters, but Mr. Nicholson is heating up the comedy scene, with his most recent trip to the "World Famous Laugh Factory" in Hollywood on the Sunset Strip! Guaranteed laughs from a true funny man! It's hard to vouch for standup comedians, not this guy, he's just what the doctor ordered."

– Comedian JR Redwater

"Something the U.S government through all the assimilation tactics couldn't take from us as Native Peoples

was OUR humor, and through humor Kasey is helping our people heal through good-gut busting laughter"!!!

– Jim Kennedy, Fort Belknap Council Member

"Kasey Nicholson.... One of the funniest, hard working Indians in the funny business....give him a native cedar flute, and he'll educate you on how to snag in Indian country!! Also, an up and coming Powwow emcee... But haven't heard him yet, so can't comment on that? Lol "

– Ruben LittleHead, Professional Powwow MC.

"Kasey Nicholson is a great comedian who uses Native/Tribal situations to make his audience laugh. Everyday situations in the life of a Native is turned into something funny. Also, with his educational background, Kasey is able to connect to people in a way that inspires and encourages. Laughter and inspiration are good medicine."

– Dustin Whitford, Rocky Boy Reservation Tribal Council Member

“Kasey Nicholson is not only a wicked Native American flute player...he makes many women's hearts throb aye.. This guy can make anyone laugh.. This one time there was a man who cheated on his women geez she bleached all his clothes and kicked him out .. That man was so lonely and sad .. Kasey went right up to him and I never seen anyone's gums(the man was toothless) like that before .. Kasey walked away smiling .. To this day I never knew what kasey said to make that man laugh.. But all I do know is Kasey is naturally funny, outgoing, genuine, appropriate to perform for all ages, and very sincere.”

– Tonia Jo Hall, Comedian

Kasey was a joy to have as a guest at the Interior Nation’s Mental Wellness Conference. I can’t say enough positive things about his presence during the entire conference. Kasey was present, involved, and committed to the conference and process from start to finish, above and beyond what was expected of him. Kasey engaged with local conference participants, lightened the mood, and I feel, supported participants in feeling comfortable. Kasey helped make the overall atmosphere for participants light and positive. Kasey not only was spot on with his performance, but also went above and beyond to support and ensure the whole event was a success!

Can’t wait to work together again soon!”

– Shawna Nevdoff, Mental Wellness Advisor, First Nations Health Authority

The White Clay Language Immersion School on the Fort Belknap reservation had the opportunity to spend an entire day with Kasey.  Kasey literally changed the lives of our students- students that were struggling with issues and students who were not.  That being said, Kasey has a profound impact on our youth and even our adults in the community of Fort Belknap.  Many of the situations that face our youth mirror situations of others around the state of Montana and the Unitied states spanning geographical, racial, gender and age boundaries- we all face overwhelming things in our lives.  Kasey gave our students the skills they needed to overcome turmoil and potentially life threatening situations.  He also made our youth and young adults think about what they want in in life, what they can accomplish in life and how to do it.  He evokes thought provoking problem solving skills to all ages and does so through a happy medium of comedy but also infuses his training in counseling; Kasey is a highly educated man.  I am so thankful we brought him to talk to our students, he even changed my life and made me look at situations differently and taught me how to preserve so that I may continue helping our people.  Sometimes, we need to share our trials and tribulations to a kind, understanding and qualified ear- Kasey is that person.  I believe bringing Kasey to our school this year was the best thing we could have done and the parents and students worked hard to fundraise to bring him.  We are going to bring him again and continue our relationship with Kasey and the White Clay Immersion School.  I highly recommend schools, groups, tribes and all people bring him to your youth  & young adults if you can to speak to them about healthy choices, bullying, goals for life, healthy relationships, comedy, and motivational speaking. I can't say enough about the intense and highly powerful impact he will bring to you.

– Dr. Lynette Chandler, Director of the Whiteclay Immersion School. Fort Belknap Indian Community

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